• A Personality and Etiquette program
  • YOU become a surgeon, but do not know how to conduct yourself at an International sit-down surgeon’s conference. Does that affect your confidence levels?
  • YOU have a Ph.D in Economics, but lack basic social etiquette when you go out with friends. That makes you unpopular and no one can tell you what they think to your face
  • YOU ace the GMATs and get into the world’s best university for your MBA, but you panic about your grooming when your first fresher’s night comes up
  • When you take your first step on the World’s stage, you realise that individuals from today’s generation are born global citizens, who realise the importance of the impression they are constantly making on others
  • Sometimes in this competitive world, despite your outstanding academic qualifications, THAT makes all the difference
  • Confidence, attitude and self-belief are VITAL catalysts to academic achievements. These characteristics can make or break your future and by the time this is realised, it is too late
  • VocaBLOOM is a gentle, enjoyable and eye-opening journey to enriching your personality and widening that smile on your face!


  • The program spans 8 sessions of two hours each
  • The eligible grade groups are 3-7
  • The program is fun-loving, role-play based and interactive
  • We work on improvements, both externally visible, in the form of table manners and social etiquette, and internal, including creating impressions and self esteem. And a whole range in between!
  • A certificate is awarded at the end of the program
  • A serious message is delivered in a light, enjoyable structure, without preaching
  • Confidence-building is a focus area, to help your child easily merge into global etiquette standards
  • We subtly and gently work towards building the foundation of their personalities
  • Gift 8 days to your child and as a result, gift a conscious, sensitive, well-presented and aware human being to the world
  • For further details contact us