• Join the exclusive community of VocaBOOM Franchisees!
    If you are a person/team that has ....
  • A natural love for children and a strong connect with them (Your eyes must naturally smile and twinkle when a child walks into a session!)
  • The experience of having taught before and a passion for teaching children
  • A great command of the English language (Brownie points if you are a voracious reader!)
  • Business skills, with a killer instinct and the ambition to keep growing.
  • An existing set-up with maximum outreach
  • Dedication to the cause of Education
  • .....well, then VocaBOOM wants you!
  • Profitable venture – As a franchisee, your profitability can be up to 80%. How many businesses can boast of such profitability percentages?
  • Flexible hours – You are your own master. You can start with teaching for just 5.5 hours per week
  • Invigorating curriculum and immensely satisfying results. Magic unfolds before your eyes, as you watch yourself make a difference to the child’s future
  • Training – You are trained to deliver in a structured and professional manner, raising your own skill level
  • Being part of an organisation that is constantly developing new products of high standards
  • Creating a reputation for yourself in your city, that is synonymous with quality and results

    Every day with VocaBOOM elevates smiles, enthusiasm, financial independence, personal recognition of your amazing contribution to every child’s overall development

    Finally find your purpose in life, through a mix of joy, satisfaction, excitement and contentment, by filling the missing gap

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