• VocaBOOM feels very strongly about the ONLY way to joyful, resistance-free, connected parenting – Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
  • Despite our profound love, we confuse our child with the signals we unknowingly give out. In the process of trying to understand our little one, we get lost coping, struggling and fire-fighting
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Parent - Level 1 Online Course (commencing in 2021) is a one-month program, that guides and helps ease out the challenges of parenting
  • This program connects you with a private closed online community of sharing between parents and regular advice from experts, facilitated through ToLoveToRespectToParent
  • Parenting should be a joy every minute of the day, through toddlerhood, preteens, adolescence and post teens. We just need to have an understanding of the few tools that we can adjust and apply.
  • Sometimes, just love is not enough. And let's not forget, just as love can be blind, parenting can be blind too!